Baia Populară is a spa & wellness centre dedicated to well-being, general relaxation, and the maintenance of health and mental and emotional balance. We have created a therapy environment fit for each guest who chooses to spend time at out centre and we are open to broadening our range of spa services to fulfil your expectations and desires. We invite you to go through the list of spa therapies, select the ones that best suit your current needs and surrender yourself to the spa world’s spell. Before resorting to therapy, we recommend that ou have a very open discussion with the therapist about your state of health and desired results. Thus, not only will we manage to come up with a very personalised therapy programme, but our specialists will also be able to more accurately recommend a spa routine to incorporate into your lifestyle. In addition, please follow a few other recommendations which will enhance your state of relaxation both during and especially after therapy:

⦁ if you use the sauna 15 min. before a massage, your muscles will be much better prepared to respond to massage techniques and you will begin to relax at the therapist’s first touch;

⦁ if you have no time for a short sauna session, give yourself enough time for a warm, relaxing shower before your massage;

⦁ for your own comfort, it is preferable to use the single-use underwear which will have been left for you on the massage bed. We assure you that we have the strictest respect for privacy, which is why you will be covered with a towel throughout the therapy session, with only the massaged part being uncovered;

⦁ take advantage of your therapy time to relax completely! In order to do that, leave your mobile phone in the changing room and focus solely on breathing while keeping silent.

⦁ we encourage you to discuss with your therapist only topics related to your well-being. Should there be anything that causes you discomfort, it is best to let the therapist know in order to remedy it;

⦁ all types of massage are booked at least one day in advance, as far as available.


Spa therapy that relaxes the body and mind, by simply floating on a bed with warm water and light vibrations.



Holistic Asian therapy with beneficial effects in terms of relaxation, the improvement of spine posture, and the stimulation of lymphatic drainage.



Therapeutic massage is aimed at attaining a therapeutic benefit and, in order to achieve palpable results, it is recommended to use it as part of a package.



Classic massage, also called Swedish massage, is one of the most popular types of relaxation massage.



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