Did you know…?

•    The sauna tradition goes back over 2000 years (the first one dates from 1112), with Finns calling it ‘the poor man’s pharmacy’ due to its manifold health benefits.
•    Finland has a population of 5 million and about 2 million saunas.
•    SPA is the name of a small Belgian town (village) where warm mineral water (thermal water) springs were used by Roman soldiers to treat their battle wounds and relax their muscles.
•    One of the earliest written accounts about ‘bathing’ as more than just a curative process or hygiene ritual belongs to the Greek philosopher Hippocrates.
Hippocrates claimed that the true cause of all illness was an imbalance of the fluids in one’s body and that ‘the way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day’.
•    Spa Wellness is now the final goal, whether it be massages employing various techniques, versatile saunas or carefully adapted experiences, aimed at attaining certain benefits, such as weight loss or detoxification.