Baia Populară is now born anew – expanded spaces, technical modernisation, the entire historical building repaired and renovated – to reveal the beauty of a tradition that goes back over 100 years and bring it into the present through new services and facilities aimed at every local or tourist in Sibiu.

The ample renovation project has now made it possible to access the loft (which hosts offices and rooms especially designed for various sports, education, or relaxation activities) and the basement area, which is dedicated to vulnerable social categories; it has also made it possible to visit the water tower, where the old 5,000-litre reservoir has been replaced by a relaxation area with a wonderful view of the city. Besides, there is the terrace on the first floor, which surrounds the inner courtyard and provides a space for relaxation and peace in the sunlight, just like old times. 

Baia Populară services are now much easier to access by people with special needs, as the building is equipped with an elevator connecting all floors, from the basement to the loft. The gym, too, provides facilities for people with special needs.

The main way of access remains the same, except for the fact that the social area is accessible only in the basement, as the ground floor and first floor have now been designed are reorganised according to the SPA - sanus per aquam (health through water) concept.

The ground floor area hosts the following facilities: swimming pool, dry sauna, steam sauna, salt room, two cold-water and one warm-water pools, large changing rooms, a waiting room for parents / next of kin of children attending swimming courses.

The 1st floor is dedicated to spa therapies: relaxation, rehabilitation, stress-relief, hot-stone therapies (massages), automatic jade-stone bed massage, water-bed hydromassage, a recreation and relaxation area.

The gym is also completely renovated and equipped with modem multifunctional machines, plus a software solution which generates computerised training routines, which can be used even by people with disabilities (in wheelchairs).

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